Friday, December 15, 2017


It’s the Policy Content Supid...or

Why I Don’t Care that Trump’s Grammar is Botched and his Hair is Weird.

When people whine and complain about the current president, it’s usually in some broad general terms riddled with hyperbole or falsehood. There really isn’t anything to suggest that Donald Trump is actually “racist” and no one claimed he was until he began running for president. His secretly recorded comments on what women will let a rich celebrity do is not “sexual assault.” His administration is neither chaotic nor on the verge of collapse — in-spite of Pundits’ daily hopes masquerading as news.

It’s rare to hear a truly honest person who will acknowledge that their hatred for Trump is based upon a hatred for his policies and what they mean for the socialist vision. Donald Trump is hated among all branches of establishment media, government, and culture because he is successfully draining their “swamp.”

Does any sane person really think that enforcing America’s border security is the advent of a dark night of fascism? That reducing taxes and improving the economy is a trick to coddle the “1 %?” That wanting criminal migrants deported is an assault on legal immigration?

At this point, Trump would have to really slip up bad for someone like me to hope for a return to socialist inspired decline and politically correct micro-management of American society. While Trump’s opponents still yearn for a one party state subservient to international bureau-norms, he continues to whittle away at their century long project to rein in the free-wheeling dynamism established by the country’s founders.

This news video isn’t anything special on the surface. It’s just another brief speech by trump. A scripted speech, less than eloquent, and riddled with now predictable self-praise but, in it is the real reason many of America’s citizens are more than happy with the way things have gone since the election.

Meanwhile, the deranged clowns of old-school statism are totally blind to what’s happening around them because they’re so preoccupied with some nonsense about “Russian collusion” and “non-presidential”behavior.”

I hope their blindness continues.

Saturday, December 09, 2017


“IT’S OKAY TO BE...[SANE]”... ;)

Monday, December 04, 2017


“Greed”...Imagined and Real

Capitalists admire those who create wealth. Socialists admire those who wish to steal it.

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